My name is Rut Elliot Blomqvist and I am a 28-year-old musician, writer, and researcher, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My debut album “Of This and Other Worlds” was released in April 2017.

My dissertation, preliminarily titled “Stories of Global Environmental Action: From Political Argument to Popular Culture,” will probably be finished in 2021.

I am also a leader writer for the Swedish green news magazine Syre and an editor for the online environmental justice magazine Uneven Earth.


Something important underpinning my music, writing, and research: Neil Gaiman says that “we owe it to each other to tell stories.”
I would add that we also owe it to each other to change the way the current world system works.


As a musician, this is some fun stuff that I’ve done:

I played at the release party for the anthology “Uneven Earth 2015-2017” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in August 2017.

Siri Holm and I did a performance called “Välkommen till Utkanten” (“Welcome to the Fringe”) at Gothenburg Pride in June 2017.

The release party for my album in Gothenburg in April 2017 was really, really cool.

In August – September 2016, I did a mini-tour in the UK with an environmentalist performance and academic-activist presentation called “The Paradox of the Anthropocene.”

Simon Larsson (who is also my partner) and I played at Karesuando market in Swedish Sápmi in July 2016.

I’m currently playing with a new band, yet to be named.


This is some of stuff I’ve studied:

Classical piano

In my songwriting, I like bringing together influences from Debussy or Satie and Amanda Palmer or Neil Young, from Virginia Woolf or Shakespeare and Neil Gaiman or Kim Stanley Robinson.


PS: I prefer the pronouns they and them or ze and hir. (“Hen” in Swedish.)

Musician, writer, researcher