Connecting everyday life with political contexts, the earth, and the cosmos, I try to tell accessible stories about complex questions. When the stories are songs, they are accompanied by music that draws on Swedish and American folk traditions, alternative rock, and sometimes chamber music.

I am also a writer of journalism and poetry and fiction, and I do transdisciplinary research in environmental humanities at the University of Gothenburg.


I’ll make an e-mail list at some point and would be happy if people joined it! But until then, you can always read my blog and message me if you want to talk about the world and art and (im)possible futures for human society or something like that. Or find me on twitter (@RutElliotB) and soundcloud, or facebook. (The last of the three is the worst because it barely allows you to connect with people unless you pay for the distribution of your posts. Trickster algorithms.)

Musician, writer, researcher